The empowerment fund

Each year, the Alexandra Cristin Foundation gives away tens of thousands of dollars in grants to individuals to pursue educational & business goals.



Each year, starting on International Women’s Day, we open up our fund application. There are 3 weeks to apply. Please sign up for emails to get notified for the 2022 fund.

March 8, 2022

Applications Open

March 29, 2022

Applications Close

April 8, 2022

Recipients Announced

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2022 Entrepreneur Empowerment Fund

The Alexandra Cristin Foundation's 2nd Anniversary business grant cycle is set to open on International Women's Day, exactly one year after our inaugural cycle in March 2021. This cycle will further the ACF's goal of empowering entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds by giving a total of $50,000 to 25 entrepreneurs ($2K/recipient). A subset of grants will be allotted specifically for female/female-identifying salon owners and stylists to support the communities in which Glam Seamless primarily serves.

While our inaugural cycle focused on supporting applicants who had been particularly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, this second cycle will support entrepreneurs - regardless of where they are on their entreprenuerial journey, from 'established' to 'aspiring' - by reimbursing them for impactful professional development expenses.

The smaller scale of this cycle (which you will see from the shortened application) will allow recipients to be selected and reimbursed more quickly, and allow the foundation to repeat giving throughout the year.

Application Details and Criteria

To apply for the current round of scholarships, you must be:

  • Be a female/female-identifying small business owner or entrepreneur
  • Be a resident of the United States
  • Have a pre-existing expense that will further your business and / or entrepreneurial goals (such as dues / memberships / tuition for industry networking organizations, costs for entreprenuerial tools or software, or continuing education classes, certifications, or licensure).
  • Interested in furthering your education or skillset in some way (does not need to be college-related)

If you don’t meet the above criteria but still have a need that you think The Alexandra Cristin Foundation could assist you with, you are welcome to fill out the application for consideration. You are also encouraged to complete the survey portion at the end of the application, which provides The Alexandra Cristin Foundation with important insight to relevant needs in future scholarship cycles. There is no limit to the number of cycles for which you can submit an application.

Allowed used for scholarships

Allowed used for scholarships include, but are not limited to:

  • Memberships / tuition for industry networking organizations
  • Costs for entrepreneurial tools or software
  • Continuing education classes, certifications, or licensures
  • Mental health resources (includes the cost of Counselor, Life Coach, or support group)

*Note from Alexandra Cristin: Resources like these have been critical to my success, so mental health resources will always be allowed the use of funds, regardless of each cycle’s criteria or focus.

Funds may be used as reimbursement for similar expenses from the past six months (dependent on the applicant’s need). The application will include a survey section where applicants can write any desired use for the funds that are not listed above.

You don’t need to go to college to be successful. This fund exists to support you in your pursuit of success, whatever that looks like.

- Alexandra Cristin